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We work closely with government agencies to build products and services that improve the lives of Singaporeans.

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Bringing the best of tech into government

We build great digital products, while transforming how they're built in the government.

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The best solutions begin with listening. We test and iterate relentlessly, to understand citizen pain points and build better products.

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We build to last, investing in maintainable systems and clean code. From inception to delivery, we accelerate the process with open source libraries, modern technologies, CI/CD and DevOps practices.

Go far, go together

We are ambitious. We don’t just want to build great products — we want to make a lasting impact on how the government builds products. We partner closely with agencies to improve capabilities across the government.

Inclusive products, inclusive teams

We build for everybody, and prioritise accessibility. Inclusive products start with inclusive teams, and we take pride in creating a supportive environment where every individual can flourish.

What we do

We solve big problems

We start by asking big questions

How might we 

How might we transform contact tracing while protecting citizens' privacy? 

How might we help citizens get face masks in a clear and informed way? 

How might we help citizens get clinical help for respiratory symptoms during public health emergencies? 

How might we allow government agencies to expose their business capabilities simply and securely? 

How might we make it easier for entrepreneurs to start businesses? 

How might we personalise government services to provide timely and relevant support for citizens? 

How might we help citizens better plan for their financial future? 

How might we prevent fraud in education credentials, without imposing too much effort on educational institutions? 

How might we simplify the process of releasing digital products? 

How might we ease teachers' workloads? 

How might we transform contact tracing while protecting citizens' privacy?

TraceTogether uses Bluetooth peer-to-peer communications to identify a user's close contacts. It allows the Ministry of Health to more quickly reach out to close contacts of COVID-19 patients with TraceTogether, and provide guidance and care. All data is stored locally on users' phones, and users must consent for it to be used by MOH.

TraceTogether helps us protect our loved ones, families and communities, and stop the spread of COVID-19.

How might we help citizens get face masks in a clear and informed way?

MaskGoWhere provides a quick and accurate way to get information about mask distribution exercises. People can simply key in their postal code to find the various collection points in their vicinity.

How might we help citizens get clinical help for respiratory symptoms during public health emergencies?

FluGoWhere allows people to search for the nearest Public Health Preparedness Clinic (PHPC). PHPCs provide subsidised treatment and medication during public health outbreaks.

How might we allow government agencies to expose their business capabilities simply and securely?

APEX (Application Programming interface EXchange) is a platform to securely publish, manage and maintain APIs across the whole of government. As a catalogue of all the APIs served through the platform, APEX holds the potential to spark inter-agency collaboration and spin off new digital services.

How might we make it easier for entrepreneurs to start businesses?

GoBusiness Licensing is a one-stop portal for businesses to apply for licences they need easily and efficiently. Business owners can answer a few simple questions to find out which licences they need, and get step-by-step guidance on how to apply for them, and in what order.

How might we personalise government services to provide timely and relevant support for citizens?

LifeSG (previously Moments of Life) gives you simpler access to government digital services and allows you to handle tasks with ease.

More than 70 government services and information have been personalised and consolidated into just one app. Check off your to-do list, manage your applications, keep track of the latest government schemes and benefits.

How might we help citizens better plan for their financial future?

MyMoneySense makes financial planning easy for everyone. Citizens can access all their financial information on a single platform and get personalised guidance on improving their financial well-being.

How might we prevent fraud in education credentials, without imposing too much effort on educational institutions?

OpenCerts offers an easy way to check and verify certificates. Using our free and Open Source file format, educational institutions can issue digital certificates permissionlessly. As they are anchored on the Ethereum blockchain, anyone can verify that a certificate was indeed issued by that institution.

How might we simplify the process of releasing digital products?

SHIP is a unified release pipeline made to help teams build and deploy code seamlessly to production. By relying on the built-in policy compliance and security measures, developers can worry less about their DevOps tool chain and instead place their focus on application development.

How might we ease teachers' workloads?

Scoobi is a suite of services designed to streamline administrative processes in schools. This eases teachers’ workloads, so that they can focus on what’s truly important — teaching.


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